Maples Care Home


The cinema comes to Maples!

After days of build-up and anticipation, with original copies of cinema posters dotted all over the residence, our residents were able to watch a movie in cinema settings, and they did so with glowing enthusiasm!

The film was “Pale Face”, a 1948 comedic western starring Bob Hope and Jane Russell. We watched it on a large permanent screen surrounded by red velvet curtains in the lounge, which gave the residents a true cinema experience – well, almost true, apart from choc ices in the interval, which the residents really missed!

However, our activities co-ordinator Carol is determined that choc ices will be available at the next cinema experience, and says that it will become a monthly event here at Maples! And even those who cannot not attend the ‘cinema’ will be able to watch the film from their rooms or other lounges using the ‘Jolly Trolley’, which is something to look forward to.

The residents finished the evening by singing the national anthem, something they requested themselves, and a throwback to when it was commonplace to do so at similar events. This capped off a lovely, nostalgic evening for everyone.