Maples Care Home


Maples’ Magic Table 360s are a hit with residents!

We have been fortunate enough to be supplied with not one but two magic table 360s, courtesy of Social-Ability’s Happiness Programme. We’d like to thank Bexley Council, which funds the project and has facilitated the distribution of 48 magic table 360s across the borough to help engage residents – especially those with dementia.

The magic table 360s enable us to project films, games (such as football, air hockey, word searches, etc.) and presentations onto walls, surfaces, and sheets. The experience can also be personalised using pictures of people, pets and places that are important to residents. It is such a versatile bit of tech and we are so grateful to have two!

The magic table 360s have slotted in well to our activities timetable and are already creating some happy memories among our wonderful residents and their families.

The reason why the tables are dubbed ‘magic’ is because they also have medicinal benefits which could help our residents’ health in the long term, thanks to fewer falls, reduced stress and improved well-being. There is also evidence to suggest that residents who use them regularly have fewer prescribed medications (such as anti-psychotics) as they are more absorbed in an enjoyable activity that’s both challenging and relaxing.

There are games to suit all levels of cognition and our residents with dementia have responded especially well to these.

Our Home Manager, Tony, says: “The residents are really enjoying the magic table 360s and we have used them on all floors. They are proving to be great sensory tools for those who are bed restricted and unable to communicate viably, and they really do encourage facial expressions and body movement. We have also done some group sessions which have been good for residents’ communication skills. We will continue to use the magic table 360s to enrich our residents’ wellbeing – truly excellent pieces of equipment!”

Fortunately, interactive light technology like the magic table 360 is becoming more readily available to those with dementia thanks to the Happiness Programme. Social-Ability’s aim of this initiative is to “make society happier and spark laughter and happiness for everyone living with physical and cognitive challenges. Our motivation comes from experience of living with dementia in our families and as a result, we truly care about the work we do”.